Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Bootcamp Breakthrough

Last night's bootcamp class, I am pleased to report, went way better than expected.

For starters, it was just me and 4 other women, which was far less intimidating. Apparently we were the only gym-goers with an hour to kill the week before Christmas and I cherished this because I'm sure it's going to be miserable once all of the New Years Resolution people join in.

I arrived (ON TIME!), got my mat and began running in place. Bootcamp is more cardio than body sculpting was, which is good since that's my strong suit, so I would definitely need the water I brought this time.

We shuffled and lunged, lifted weights and passed a medicine ball down the line, and when it came time for abs we were all actually excited because that was the easiest part of the class so far (the woman next to me commented on how she's never thought she'd look forward to doing abs and I agreed).

With the smaller size it was easy to build a rapport with my classmates and I was less self-conscious of how I was doing; I even asked our instructor, Nia, in between "Mountain Climber" sets if I was positioning myself correctly because my back was killing me. She assured me that I was, my body just probably wasn't used to it and I assured her that she was correct.

Bootcamp transitions straight into body sculpting, with a quick aside from Nia that anyone who wasn't staying could leave at that point. As I got up to leave she told me she'd like me to stay and do some extra stretching (I'd confessed over the course of class that I am "new to the gym - is it obvious?" so I'm sure that played a part in her request), which I had not done after body sculpting, and I definitely think it helped. Today I feel a bit sore, but not unable to move.

As I was leaving I thanked her and gave a quick promise of, "I'm going to get better," and I'm confident and excited that I will.

...Yeah, I know, ew, I'm totally one of those gym people right now.

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