Sunday, September 28, 2014

KimboNotKimmy Has Moved!

Well, the time has finally come for me to move on to greener pastures. KimboNotKimmy can now be found at and

Hope to see you on the new site!

Sunday, September 14, 2014

Altuzarra for Target: A Long Island Report

If you're looking for a great selection of the Altuzarra collection for Target, come on out to Long Island. I woke up Sunday morning and checked the Racked Report and social media. Twitter user @tammyesco tweeted "Empty racks at !! Good luck shopping!!! @ Target Westbury" with a picture of a lone pencil skirt and a single black sweater with crane embroidery. That part of Westbury is always hectic on a Sunday so I had never planned on going there, but this news made me less than hopeful for the trip I'd planned to the Target in Levittown. You can imagine my surprise when this is what I found:
The selection was fantastic! They had most of the collection and plenty of sizes to choose from - and it was all so well organized! A saleswoman was straightening the racks when I arrived and I asked if there was a limit on the number of pieces from the collection that you could buy. After a quick check with a manager on her radio she informed me that there was no limit. I repeat, NO LIMIT.

Now, I have been blinded by the allure of these capsule collections before; when the 3.1 Phillip Lim collection came out I purchased the black peplum top with beaded collar even though it didn't fit right. I never wore it and only recently gave it to my mother who was quite excited about it. With that in mind I was far more cautious this time around.

As you can see below the oxford shirts didn't quite fit me. The shoulders were too big and the sleeves were too long for my petite frame. The fabric is nice and I thought the detail of the decorative "Altuzarra" top button was a nice touch. A good value and $29.99 and $34.99 respectively, just not a smart purchase for me.

The dresses on the other hand are amazing. I had fallen in love with both of these when I previewed the collection and thought for sure that the tailored dress with crane embroidery would be sold out everywhere (Racked NY reported that it had sold out at the Target at Atlantic Terminal around 8:30AM). Needless to say I was thrilled when I saw plenty of each on the racks at the Levittown location. The wrap dress in that gorgeous "Ruby Hill" color is a 2 and and the Crane dress is a 4 (note: there's a lot less give in the fabric of the latter). My measurements are usually 2/8/4 (bust/waist/hips), so I would say that the fit of the garments is true to size. At $39.99 and $49.99 respectively I seriously felt like I was getting the deal of the year with these dresses.

The only item that they did not have in stock that I really wanted to try on was the velvet tuxedo, but according to the Target website there are a few locations in Suffolk County that still have it in stock. I may have to swing by one of those later this week. Until then, happy shopping, my friends!

Friday, September 12, 2014

Treat. Yo. Self.

Happy Friday! I've been pretty good about not shopping lately, but yesterday I heard a little voice (that sounded an awful lot like Aziz Ansari) saying, "treat yo self" and off to Old Navy I went. I don't know about all of you, but Old Navy might be my favorite member of the GAP fam. Their quality has seriously improved over the years (have you felt their gauze scarves?), but their prices have stayed the same. Plus, they have really stepped it up in the accessories department.
Exhibit A: This fabulous canvas tote that I scored for just $5.50! They also have a "Holy Chic" t-shirt that is the perfect option for when you're going for that high/low mix with your outfit. For some odd reason neither of these items are currently featured on their website, but hopefully they are carrying them in an Old Navy store near you. 

Whether you had a great week and you want to congratulate yourself or you had a crummy week and you are in need of some retail therapy, I say, go ahead, treat yo self!

Friday, September 5, 2014

Outfit Post: Labor Day Weekend Dinner in the Hamptons

V and I have been trying to relax lately, which of course means that we have been as busy as ever. This weekend we were at a dinner party in Brooklyn on Friday, the Hamptons on Saturday, entertaining friends in RVC on Sunday, and Monday we sat in the stifling heat at the U.S. Open, despite the fact that neither of us knows a thing about tennis. The only thing we were missing was a trip to the beach (it was Labor Day weekend, after all).

Saturday night we decided to be brave little Hamptonites and go to dinner at a restaurant that doesn't take same-day reservations. It's called Cowfish and it's in Hampton Bays and, despite being a total sh*t show, it was totally worth it. (There was a debacle with an older couple over seating, but I'll just say that we took the high road - and our seats - and leave it at that.)

The restaurant is on the water and, while the vibe is relaxed, the crowd generally goes for that "summer chic" look (I am aware that this term is slightly bougy, that's why I used it). This out is extremely comfortable and I feel like it looks pulled together, but easy-breezy ("Hey, you can't say you're breezy, that, that totally negates the breezy."). This Linea Pelle belt was a consignment score from Lucky Finds in RVC and I wear it all the time I don't think I've ever worn this skirt without it. BTW, if the colors look a little off it's because I had to play around with filters and contrast when using PicStitch (don't judge me for using filters, the florescent lighting in my parents' basement is harsher than Tye from Clueless).

As much as I enjoy my summer wardrobe, I'm ready for the fall, aren't you?
T-shirt: Isabel Marant for H&M Maxi Skirt: MINT Belt: Linea Pelle Sandals: Naturalizers "Naya" Bag: Tory Burch

Tuesday, September 2, 2014

Outfit Post: Summer Sunday in The City

V and I recently went into the city for lunch and a show with his family. The show was Off-Broadway (iLuminate at New World Stages for the America's Got Talent fans out there), so we could be a bit more casual. It's hard to tell in the pictures, but the skirt has a neoprene feel to it that makes it perfect for the warmer weather. The shirt is the women's version of "That J. Crew Gingham Shirt" (which, in case you were unaware, now has it's own Instagram account). My style is increasingly functional and I am full-on obsessed with cross-body bags at this point. This Gorjana bag can used as a handbag or, since my arms are small, worn as a shoulder bag, but 9 times out of 10 this is how you'll see me wearing it. I only noticed as we were walking out the door that the yellow zipper matched my skirt, call it a happy accident.

This post could have also been titled, "Hooray for Natural Lighting!" since I actually remembered to have V take these outfit photos before we got back to the apartment. The best part was that in the last photo where I'm sporting a big, goofy grin, we'd just noticed that a couple was sitting in their car at the train station watching our mini-photo shoot. Caught in the act of blogging!
Shirt: J. Crew Skirt: Zara Sandals: Tory Burch Bag: Gorjana Sunglasses: Rayban

Friday, August 29, 2014

Outfit Post: Something Missing

There are some pieces that are difficult to style. You want them to work in a certain way and they just don't quite come through. This gray, sheer Vince top with keyhole back is one of those pieces. There was a time in my life when a sheer top paired with a black tank were all I needed in the world (Express was also my favorite store, don't judge) and every so often I go back to those roots. Unfortunately, when I go to wear these items I have trouble reinterpreting them; the 16 year-old inside of me instinctively reaches for black
ass-pants or flared jeans and black belt with a huge buckle. (Hey, at least I'm not busting out the platform Steve Maddens and, on an exciting note, flares are rumored to be making a comeback this fall.)

In an attempt to make this top appropriate for dinner with the girls at a casual restaurant on the South Shore of Long Island (The Boathouse in Merrick for you fish lovers out there get the Chilean Sea Bass over fresh spinach, it's delicious) I wore it with simple J. Crew crops and flat sandals. I like the look, I just don't love it. It's hard to tell here, but the neckline is beaded, so I feel like a necklace or earrings would be too much and I don't really love the idea of tucking it in because then you miss out on the back detail. Suggestions on how I might style it would be greatly appreciated. Help a sister out and leave some love in the comments.

Top: Vince Tank: Excellent question, I've had it so long that the printed tag has worn off. Pants: J. Crew Sandal: Nine West Bag: See by Chloe Bluebell Small Bag (it's new and I got it on sale and I love it!)

Thursday, August 21, 2014

Outfit Post: Sunday Funday in NYC

This past Sunday V and I went into the city with some couple-friends of mine (now ours) who had yet to meet his acquaintance. The game-plan was brunch at Catch in the Meatpacking District, a spot I was happy to revisit as I had only been when they first opened, and while brunch is casual, Meatpacking is scene-y. My compromise? Sporty-chic.

Dressy track pants have been the rage for awhile now and I'm happy to see that this trend will be continuing into the fall (partly because they're comfortable and partly because I overpaid for the ones I'm wearing here). I was originally going to pair these pants with white Converse, but I changed my mind last minute and wore these sandals instead. In my last outfit post I neglected to call attention to them, but they're new, they're super comfortable (it's better than wearing slippers) and they were only $27. I couldn't resist, I bought them in black too (last I checked they were still available on the Naturalizer website). It feels like you're wearing slippers out, seriously, your feet will thank me.

Top: Project Social T from Urban Outfitters Pants: Theory from the Theory Outlet in Riverhead Glasses: Prada Sandals: Naturalizer Watch: Michael Kors from Nordstrom Bracelet: Vintage