Wednesday, June 30, 2010

An End to a Happy Birthday Month for Me

So tonight I made a trip to the mall to use my birthday coupons before they expire tomorrow. I only had 2, but they were 2 good ones because they were for Express and Anthropologie, 2 stores where I can pretty much always find something.

I've been an Express fan since I could fit into the clothes. It was the first store credit card I ever had. Since I worked at Bath and Body Works at the time I got some crazy discount like 40% off and they always had great clothes for going out. They weren't even overpriced back then and even though they are now, I still shop there from time to time. I'm still a sucker for their buy-one-get-one-half accessories, which is exactly what I wound up with; a pair of star-shaped stud earrings and a three-toned stackable ring.

Then it was on to Anthropologie. After searching through their sale room for another pair of AG jeans (the last pair of cropped boyfriend AG jeans that I got there are currently my favorites) and coming up empty handed I decided on a cream fabric belt with a light brown leather buckle. It was only $38 to begin with and I only saved 15% with my birthday coupon, but it's an item I've been wanting for awhile, it should definitely make several of my skirts wearable again (they currently just look odd not cinched at the waist).

And that was it. I did peruse the sales at French Connection (a black and white striped dress I'd wanted turned out to be ill-fitting and I'm proud to say that I talked myself out of a heather gray sweater, since I have 3 at any given moment), Arden B. (we'll call that a moment of collegiate nostalgia), and J. Crew (where, once again, I exercised restraint and put back a pair of shorts and a skirt, neither of which fit quiiiiiiite right, and 3 headbands - 1 was going to be for my Aunt, really).

I left feeling like I'd accomplished everything I'd gone in and, despite some minor detours, was quite proud of myself for not giving in to the allure of other stores.

But I guess I don't really "need" anything I got, so we'll cal it a wash.

A New Look

Blogger semi-recently offered new blog templates and I decided it was time for a change. The more I look at it the more I feel like I gave my blog a new haircut, nothing too drastic, but definitely more dramatic than the all one length look I previously had it rocking.

Now if I could just get motivated enough to post pictures...

Thursday, June 24, 2010

Just Keep Spinning, Just Keep Spinning...

You ever get so emotional you just feel the thoughts spinning 'round and 'round in your head? It's like a tornado of thoughts and even unrelated issues can fall victim to the gale force winds and get sucked in. Rational thought just doesn't hold enough weight or gravity to resist.

It doesn't matter if it starts with your job situation or your living situation or family or personal relationships, it's like a vortex just forms and everything is sucked into it.

I hate those days. Thankfully that was yesterday.

Wednesday, June 23, 2010

A Dress Fit for a Kimberley

A second opinion always helps.

So last night, before my mom and I went to a lovely and delicious dinner at Plum in Bayside, we stopped home so I could try on the Milly dress I'd ordered from the website. It's a beautiful black and white brocade with gold metallic thread running through it that I got on sale.

When it had first arrived, next day despite being shipped UPS Ground - I just love when that happens, I had to put it on by myself. Milly dresses are well-made and this one had one of her neat corset contraptions in it, which basically means you need to hook yourself in as you would with a bra. While this is fabulous in regard to fit and makes the dress look like it was made just for you, it's not so great when you're trying to put it on in an empty house. So the first time I tried it on I hooked it, swiveled it around my body (which was no easy task), and then tried it on with one shoe as I rushed to get ready because I was meeting John to go see a band play.

Needless to say, this was not the best way to try on a new dress, in a totally different cut than you're used to wearing, if you want to be excited about it. Rookie mistake. Perhaps it's why I didn't even blog about it.

Anyway, with the help of my mom last night, I was able to get a proper idea of what the dress would actually look like on the day of the wedding. She hooked me in, I put on both shoes (I had on one originally to which she said "What are you doing? Go put the other shoe on! You're never going to be standing like that." As I stood there with one leg bent in half like a flamingo), and I stood up straight (I attempted to show her that the dress gapped in the back to which she said "Would you stop arching your back? Stand normal.").

Looking in the mirror, standing up straight, with my dancing shoes on, the dress actually looks quite lovely. It meets all of my original criteria:
Sophisticated? Yes, but without looking too "old." Sexy? A little bit, but let's keep in mind that this is a family function and no one wants to be "that girl" in a room of relatives. Stylish? Always.
And it is definitely a little less Kimbo and totally Kimberley.

Perhaps I was just caught up in the mania of the search, and if that was the case, I'm definitely happy my mom was there to help me calm down and see what a great dress it is and how it really is just what I was looking for for this event.

I'll see if I can't Polyvore it up for you all so you decide for yourselves, but I think (fingers crossed*) this is it!

Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Sick of Looking

Have you ever become so obsessed with finding the perfect outfit that you just get sick of looking for it? That's where I'm at right now with the dress for this wedding. I'm as sick of looking for it as everyone around me is of hearing about it.

When I'm on a shopping mission the term "abnormally obsessed" might not even do my condition justice. The item I am searching for or want, but refuse to pay full price for, it is all I think about. Whether it's searching for it in general or looking for coupons to stores where it's sold, I explore every single option.

It actually takes effort for me to keep the search from consuming me. And, yes, I do realize how sick this sounds.

Today I started reading Spent, Memoirs of a Shopping Addict by Avis Cardella (is it just me or is it a bit coincidental that her first name is an anagram for "Visa?"). Only 1 chapter in and I relate entirely too well to her plight.

Hopefully the book will at least distract me, if not give me some clarity, during this bout of fixation.

In the meantime, send me any great websites for formal wear. Thanks.

Friday, June 18, 2010

Just a little quote...

It's Friday and hopefully some of you are heading out to happy hour after work and maybe, like me, you enjoy some bubbly, so I thought you might enjoy this quote:

"Come quickly! I am tasting stars!" - Dom Perignon (1638-1714) at his
first sip of champagne

Happy Friday

Thursday, June 17, 2010

The Bed-Makers

The world is comprised of two types of people: those who make their beds in the morning and those who do not. I fall into the former category to the point of compulsion.

It sets the tone for the day, my mother would tell me growing up. And she was totally right. You start off organized and when you come home you return to order.

As a kid, rather than technically making my bed each day, I found a loophole. Instead of getting under the sheets each night I kept an extra comforter folded up in the 2ft space between my bed and the wall and each night I would sleep on top of my made-up bed and in the morning I would just fold up the extra comforter and head off to school. In hindsight, this probably was not the best thing for the regular or my "show" comforter as it were, but I digress.

Knowing that my bed is unmade, even if I'm not in the house, irks me. A feeling of sloth just pervades my day. So I don't do it.

And I'm not even envious of those who can; I want to change them, to convince them that my way is the right way and their days and lives will be better once they're on board. It's the control freak in me.

It's not to the point where I can't associate with you if you don't make your bed or anything like that, just don't ask me to come over when it's not. Or, like my mother said, just close your door so I don't have to see it.


A Bed-Maker

Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Hey, NYC, K.I.T.

Ever have that friend at school who isn't in your particular circle of friends? But you really like them and always think it would be fun to hang out with them more? So you sign their yearbook "K.I.T." but neither of you ever follows through with actually making plans? Well, ever since I stopped working in Manhattan, that's how I feel about the city.

I may come in at night to go out, but that's not much of a relationship, I need to make ours one that's real, something of substance.

So, after Monday's trip in for sample sale shopping and dinner, I'm making it my mission to get past this little issue. No more empty promises of shopping trips, no more putting off visits to museums, no more substituting LI restaurants when I crave a side of people watching with my meal.

Lookout NYC, 'cause I'll S.Y.T.S. (See You This Summer).

Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Milly (and other various brands) Sample Sale

For the past 6 years I have been going to Clothingline's sample sales on 36th between 7th and 8th. Every time I walk down that slightly shady block and see women coming towards me with over-sized blue plastic bags from whatever the sale is my heart races in anticipation of what I too may find there.

Yesterday was no different and as I climbed the stairs to the second floor I crossed my fingers in the hopes of finding a dress for the boy's brother's wedding.

Sadly I did not find a dress, but I did get (2) skirts and a top for just $39 a piece.
The first skirt is a navy miniskirt with a white,olive, and yellow striped trim on the waistband and pockets, perfect with a white button down or simple tank depending on the occasion.
The second skirt is black with a black loop pattern on the bottom half that sort of finished the hem in a scallop. It can also be dressed up or down and I feel like I'll have it forever.
The top was a simple hot pink shell that I can wear under a suit or with my white pants for a night out. A staple item with flair if you will.

The other brands at the sale included John Galliano, Halston (of which I only saw one piece), Laila Azhar, Michael Star, Haute Hippie, and a few more, but none of those brands peaked my interest and so I left, content with my small haul.

After the sale I still had some time to kill so I ran over to Lord & Taylor, but the NYC Flagship was no better than the Garden City Location and so I admitted defeat on the dress front and headed off to an excellent dinner of Thai food with friends.

Monday, June 14, 2010

...But Not the War

Saturday, June 12th, 2010 - Lord & Taylor, Garden City, NY

The place is a mob scene, women of all ages have come to shop the Friends & Family sale. Men mill about like children on a battlefield; confused, lost, even a bit scared.

Briefly distracted by the main floor apparel I remember my mission: a dress fit for a guest at a wedding. With that thought in mind I begin my ascent to the second floor; base camp for the occasion dresses.

Upstairs is only slightly better than down; lines of women still charge the cash wraps and the garments are tossed about like fallen soldiers. Despite the scene I'm not discouraged. I'm on a mission.

One by one I sort through the dresses on the clearance rack, but much to my chagrin I find that I'm merely searching through the remnants of the last sale I attended at this L&T outpost, so I move on to the full priced dresses.

Normally I would sooner surrender than admit the defeat of paying full price, but as I mentioned, it's Friends & Family and that means 25% off "almost all regular and sale merchandise."

Tragically I don't even find one dress worthy of trying on. Either they're too matronly, or too pageant-like, or too much like every other BCBG dress I already own.

Crestfallen, but not entirely broken, I leave the field of battle so that I may shop another day.

Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Internet Dependant

Not having internet at home seriously inhibits my blogging. Normally I don't even blog at home, I try to do it in the morning with my coffee, typing gets me into a work-related mindset. But work has been busy lately, which is a good thing, so there hasn't been much personal computer time during the day.

To be honest, it's been nice not going online at night. That extra hour of sleep I've been getting, which I'd normally spend updating my Mafia Wars and lazily browsing pictures of people I don't really care about before going to bed, shows in my face and makes me wonder if I hadn't developed a bit of an addiction. So a cleanse was in order.

Not having cable in my room, on the other hand, has been disorienting. As terrible as it sounds, I'm not entirely sure what day of the week it is if I don't know what shows are on that night. Last night I realized I've missed two weeks of The Real Housewives of New Jersey and I thought where did the time go? With nothing to distinguish the days they all sort of float about it my head. Sad.

It is with this in mind that I plan to make my summer TV schedule spreadsheet. I realize that this sounds ridiculous, but I'm a fan of lists, and schedule, and that little color-coded evenly measured time table of TV information puts a little order in my world.

In the meantime, thanks for sticking around.