Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Hey, NYC, K.I.T.

Ever have that friend at school who isn't in your particular circle of friends? But you really like them and always think it would be fun to hang out with them more? So you sign their yearbook "K.I.T." but neither of you ever follows through with actually making plans? Well, ever since I stopped working in Manhattan, that's how I feel about the city.

I may come in at night to go out, but that's not much of a relationship, I need to make ours one that's real, something of substance.

So, after Monday's trip in for sample sale shopping and dinner, I'm making it my mission to get past this little issue. No more empty promises of shopping trips, no more putting off visits to museums, no more substituting LI restaurants when I crave a side of people watching with my meal.

Lookout NYC, 'cause I'll S.Y.T.S. (See You This Summer).

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