Monday, June 14, 2010

...But Not the War

Saturday, June 12th, 2010 - Lord & Taylor, Garden City, NY

The place is a mob scene, women of all ages have come to shop the Friends & Family sale. Men mill about like children on a battlefield; confused, lost, even a bit scared.

Briefly distracted by the main floor apparel I remember my mission: a dress fit for a guest at a wedding. With that thought in mind I begin my ascent to the second floor; base camp for the occasion dresses.

Upstairs is only slightly better than down; lines of women still charge the cash wraps and the garments are tossed about like fallen soldiers. Despite the scene I'm not discouraged. I'm on a mission.

One by one I sort through the dresses on the clearance rack, but much to my chagrin I find that I'm merely searching through the remnants of the last sale I attended at this L&T outpost, so I move on to the full priced dresses.

Normally I would sooner surrender than admit the defeat of paying full price, but as I mentioned, it's Friends & Family and that means 25% off "almost all regular and sale merchandise."

Tragically I don't even find one dress worthy of trying on. Either they're too matronly, or too pageant-like, or too much like every other BCBG dress I already own.

Crestfallen, but not entirely broken, I leave the field of battle so that I may shop another day.

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