Thursday, December 18, 2008

Toad-Induced Worry Wart

In general, my worry setting is either "On" or "Off." It's not like I'm constantly worrying about some small thing all the time; I'm either freaking out completely or cruising through my day, not a care in my little world.

My father has many sayings, but one of them is "Don't get in a fight on the way to the fight." This along with a Ziggy comic I found years ago that says, "Worrying is like a roller-coaster; there are a lot of ups and downs and you always wind up in the same place" are two of the more valid analogies I've ever heard. So I try to make that my policy.

So when someone tells me, at a time when I can do noting about it, that there might be a problem, I'm kind of like, "Really? You're telling me this now? You couldn't tell me before so I could look into it?" Obviously we're past the point where they could have told me before, but they didn't, thus here we are.

So why not wait to tell me until you know if there's actually a problem or not? Because by telling me now, if there's in fact no problem, well then you just worried me for no reason.

So my question is; are you still a Worry Wart if the cause of your worry is the toad sitting on your hand?

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