Saturday, July 26, 2014

Color Corrected

Changing hair salons is not a decision that I take lightly, but I recently decided to make the move to a salon in my town because, besides being a 20 minute drive from where I currently live, my old salon changed ownership and I wasn't a fan of the new regime. 

As anyone who colors their hair knows, you want to plan your appointments around major events. Since V and I had a family trip and the wedding of a dear friend over the next two weeks, I put it off until right before we departed for the trip. My roots were out of control. With almost 2" of white roots I looked like I was slowly turning into Rogue in X-Men (think of Anna Paquin's portrayal in the live-action version, not the comics).
My appointment was at 5:30 and construction traffic made me almost 20 minutes late, but the lovely ladies at Defusion in Rockville Centre squeezed me in. I had stopped in earlier in the week for a consult and explained that, in addition to getting my roots done, I really just wanted them to make my hair healthy again. Previous attempts at pink lowlights and ombré had left my ends fried and if I'm going to have my hair this long that simply won't do. 

Dee covered my roots with the perfect shade of chocolate brown (I had emphasized that, while I was okay with 'warmth,' I did not want red tones. Long Island ladies know why it's important to stress this, lest you wind up with a color I call "Long Island Hairdresser Red."). One of the assistants rinsed out my color and covered my hair from root to tip in a glaze. 

The result? Right back to the dark and shiny locks that I love. Bring on the upcoming events!

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