Thursday, January 16, 2014

So-So SoulCycle Session

Another week without shopping means another SoulCycle class. I spent most of my day super-psyched for Mark's 6:15 class at SoulCycle on Long Island. Sadly, it was just meh.

Let me start by saying that I think it was an off night; no one was really riding together or with the beat. Mark chose a lot of instrumental techno which is not my favorite (I have enough trouble staying on the beat and it helps to ride to songs I know the lyrics to) and then switched to AJR's "I'm Ready" for the post-arms hills which isn't a bad song, but it kind of came out of nowhere.

At the start of the class Mark told us that we were going to do a lot of Triceps and he was not kidding. This was only my third class back after quite the lapse from not only SoulCycle, but the gym in general and my tris were burning and I was only using 2lb weights! (This isn't a complaint, just an admission of my own shortcomings.)

While it was a physically demanding session (huge plus), it didn't seem very SoulCycle-y. The first time I took Mark's class he doled a lot more of that feel-good mumbo jumbo that SC-haters love to hate. This time he seemed to be on autopilot so I wasn't at all surprised when I heard him telling my classmates that he was off to Vegas for vacation when I was on my way out. Hopefully he'll come back refreshed and ready to rock it in SC style because I hate to pay $34 for a spin class I could've taken at my gym for free.

Other than that, it was my first time in the back row and the depth kept coming loose on my bike, so I was a bit distracted as well. On the plus side, everyone was really nice and there weren't that many "skinny bitches" as my friend Laura from werkitinnyc would say. The class also inspired me to try as many instructors as possible -- you never know who's going to help you find your Soul.

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