Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Yoga: For Beginners

There are a few things that have always been consistent with my character: I generally run into someone everywhere I go and I'm usually running about 5 minutes late.

In the past year or so I've really worked on my punctuality, unfortunately, today I had a lapse at a rather inopportune time: walking into my very first yoga class.

Oh yes, I was that girl.

I walked into the gym at 5:00 on the dot, when class was starting, and ran into a girl I knew from High School. She worked there and assured me they probably hadn't started yet and had a coworker walk me to the other building where they hold classes.

Perhaps the fact that I had to go back outside should have been enough to signal that I should just do some cardio and call it a night. But no, I'm stubborn (which is also consistent with my character) and continued.

I walked into the room and everyone was already lying down on their mats. I looked behind me, as though the kind staffer who walked me over was also going to introduce me like the new kid in the first grade, and then grabbed a mat and joined the rest of the class on the floor.

Thankfully she was still in the breathing/warm-up portion so I caught up simply by catching my breath. Maybe this yoga thing wouldn't be so bad after all...

And surprisingly it wasn't. Sure there was the moment that I realized I hadn't grabbed a strap and the man next to me had to gesture across the room to where they were located, and the 3rd time we did downward-facing-dog where the teacher came over and fixed the way I was holding my back, and the violent shaking when it came time for abs (which the lovely instructor, who was probably all of 19 years old, was kind enough to tell me was a good thing, "it means it's working!"), but I've made worse physical foul ups.

I made it through to the end, apologized to the instructor for being late, and exited (much more quietly and more relaxed than when I entered).

Looks like I'll live to 'namaste' another day.

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