Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Well, That's the Last of It

My Trouve "Sabrina" distressed leather ankle boots came in the mail today and they are a perfect fit! So happy that I can stop the search for the perfect combat boot. No side zipper installed like they are in mainstream styles for those not willing to commit to the style. No extra room that requires me to wear bulky socks, instead I can wear regular socks or even tights and be comfortable. Yay!

In addition to my final shopping item before starting the freeze again, after I got home from my run, I also chose to clean out my closet tonight. I was re-reading part of this great book that reminded me that I should get rid of any items I wouldn't want people to see me in. So, with the perfect soundtrack playing in the background, out went the shirts with the frayed hems, out went anything with a pit stain or a stain of any kind really, out went the oddly-fitting or stretched out items, or anything else I'm hanging onto just because of an emotional attachment.

I'm cleaning house and it's helping.

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