Tuesday, March 9, 2010

XOXO Gossip... Woman?

So last night was the return of Gossip Girl and the main social event of the episode was dinner at the French Ambassador's... 20 years in the future?

All of the girls were dressed like they were 40! Serena with that awful pill-filled bolero, Blair with her Dynasty-worthy earrings and sequined mandarin collar jacket, and Jenny with her Elvira-style sheer black cobweb neckline.

Did the Dignitary decide he wanted to throw a call-girl themed bash? Or did only Serena get that memo? On the plus side, constant sex with Nate means she can't wear that painfully tight ponytail/braid combo, less it get mussed.

Hopefully next week they'll all go back to being quasi-normal 20 something's. Even UES-ers wear jeans once in awhile.

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