Monday, March 8, 2010

Obligatory Oscars Post

After tweeting sporadically about Oscar fashions and attitudes last night, I feel that I should at least throw out my picks for best and worst dressed. This blog isn't solely about fashion, but I'd say the majority of the posts are, so how could I neglect to comment on the red carpet?

Best dressed: Rachel McAdams. I cannot stress how much I love this girl's sense of style. She always looks youthful and fresh and appropriate. Last night's Elie Saab Haute Couture gown was no exception with it's whimsical watercolor pattern, flatteringly fitted bodice and flowing skirt. The minute she came on screen I told my roommate that ABS better choose that gown as one of it's Oscar knock-offs. I haven't wanted an affordable version of a designer gown that badly since Gwyneth Paltrow's pink Ralph Lauren in 1999 when she accepted the award for Best Actress.

Worst dressed: Charlize Theron. This was seriously a toss-up between her and Jennifer Lopez, but Charlize's cinnamon bun boobs won out over the bubble-wrap appearance of the fabric that JLo's dress was made out of. It may seem like I'm picking on Vera Wang a lot lately (she's the designer to blame for Theron's gown), but seriously, what look was she going for when she selected this gown? Avant-garde bridesmaid? Not to mention that the whole dress looked like it could use a good steaming. Maybe whoever was dressing her didn't want to make the rosettes on her bust look any more wilted than they already did. This dress did a serious disservice to a striking woman.

One more thing: can someone please give an award to Kristen Stewart's stylist? That girl is miserable and yet each time I see her at an awards show or premier, despite my desire to smack her upside the head and yell at her about how lucky she is and could she please adjust her attitude accordingly, she looks great. Edgy, but appropriate. The midnight blue Monique Lhullier gown she wore last night was no exception. So brava to her stylist... but still blech to her.

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