Wednesday, March 10, 2010


Yesterday I was in Neiman Marcus Last Call at the Tanger outlets by work and I saw a pair of neon Jimmy Choo high-heeled sandals in my size. They were cute and they fit great, but the Lucite heel was in between thick and thin and the color of a tennis ball, so even though they were marked down to about $365 with an additional 25% off, I put them down.

Today I got an e-mail from Bluefly advertising new spring shoes and handbags. As I lazily scanned the selection in my sizes, 5.5 and 6, I noticed the very same neon Jimmy Choos. Only this time they were $900! Granted they were originally $1,125.00, but come on Bluefly, 20% off? That's it? You get that much at most stores just for opening a charge account!

When I first graduated college I shopped on Bluefly all the time. I loved their customer service and thought they had a large selection of affordable pieces from brands I liked, but somewhere along the way that all changed.

My most recent purchase from Bluefly was an ABS dress. It was a decent deal at about 50% off, but I've seen the same dress in different colors marked down in discount department stores all over the place. They shipped it FedEx and even though the dress was at a FedEx location on Long Island the next day, they still made me wait the full 7 days for 7-10 day shipping. Irritated I decided to ask FedEx if I could pick it up, but they said I'd have to have the sender call and give clearance or they couldn't give it to me. Extremely frustrated, but not in dire need of the dress, I decided to just wait.

When it finally came the box looked like one of Kimbo Slice's opponents; battered, bruised, beaten. In fact, the box was so tortured that when I opened it to remove the badly rumpled Bluefly shopping bag so I could retrieve my dress, the plastic hanger that the dress was on was broken in two.

So perhaps my annoyance is with both FedEx and Bluefly, but if that's the kind of service I'm getting for an item that wasn't discounted enough to really be a huge bargain, well it's just one more reason for me not to shop there.

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