Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Dear Vera:

New York City is buzzing with energy and audacity this week as New Yorkers do two things they excel at: pushing to the front of lines and fashion. Each morning I've been scanning the updates on New York Magazine's website and, while I don't go through every designer's entire runway show, I spend a little of my morning tea time with the designers who catch my eye. This morning's collection: Vera Wang.

Alas, dear Vera, I'm unsure if that was a good thing or a drab thing. This season the designer has apparently decided to go back to basics, as so many of her craft claim when they’re minds have drawn a design blank. The show was filled with black, and white, and gray, with separates all over, and some LBD’s that will surely go straight to the sales floor.

While wear-ability is refreshing, especially considering the mile high shoes that have been making the models fall like Bambi on ice and fur that makes me wonder if designers have insider information about an upturn in the economy by Fall 2010, my issue with, our lovely and crowd pleasing, Vera is that she's pulling what I call a "GAP rinse cycle."

You know how every couple of seasons the GAP decides they're going to do white shirts and jeans? They may call it The American Classic or the 1969, after the year they were founded, but no matter what you call it, you're selling button downs because someone dropped the spool in the design department.

Other times they need to clear customers' collective memories of Crayola colored items from the season before, so they throw in some bleach, and rinse away any remaining memories of the rainbow and bring back those "basics."

So Vera, while I am a firm believer that one can never have too much black, white, or gray, I just wanted to let you know that the average consumer is on to you.

See you at Kohl's.

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