Wednesday, August 25, 2010

It's Like They KNOW!

Recently I decided that I would not buy any more summer clothes this season. It's getting to be that transitional time of year and, with the weather being so dreary here in NY, I know I can make do with what I've got until Fall (okay, let's be honest, even if we have an Indian Summer I'll be more than "fine.")

Sales are my weakness, obviously, but since the sale racks are filled with summer clothes at this time of year I figure it will be easier to curb my enthusiasm for spending if I set this little rule in place for myself.

And then I got this in my e-mail:

Oh NMLC, you know me too well (and the rest of your sale-searching population I'd suspect). You know I'm sick of searching through picked-over sale racks, you know that if I haven't bought that Haute Hippie top with the missing built-in necklace yet that I'm not going to - even if you do mark it down to 80% off!

So you found a way to suck me back in to shop for those chunky knits and fabulous wedge boots weeks, even months, before I'm able to actually wear them and foil my efforts to take a break from shopping.

You are a worthy adversary NMLC, touche.

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