Tuesday, April 13, 2010

S&TC: 2

To say that I am a fan of Sex and the City is an understatement; it is hands down my favorite show of all time, so when the first movie came out I was skeptical. The final episode of the show's 6 season run was perfect and it's culmination had even conveniently coincided with my graduation from college.

For 4 years S&TC got me through it all; from hook-ups to break-ups. My roommates and I watched the VHS tapes of the first 2 seasons so much that they wore thin, which we then replaced with the DVDs. We spent long hungover weekends watching the girls and their city, which was also our city, change and grow together. So when it was time for all of us to move on from the safe haven of college, it only seemed fitting that the show would end at the same time.

In 2008, when the first movie came out, I was going through yet another major life change. Despite my rocky emotional state, I got dressed in my most Carrie-esque skirt and a white tank and I stood outside of the movie's premier at Radio City Music Hall to watch the stars go by. Hoards of people stood on that street and the skies opened up and it began to pour and I decided, I simply didn't care. With no room to move on the crowded and blockaded sidewalk, I decided to use this as my opportunity to get closer to metal guardrail that stood between me and the street, with all of my favorite characters on the other side.

Yes, I know that they are just that; characters, but they were characters that meant the world to me. From them I learned that it is okay to be imperfect. It is okay to be older and single (not that I'm quite at "older" yet, but when I am I will think of these women) as long as you've got your friends. I learned that I am not a simple girl, I am a Katie girl ("Ka-ka-ka-katie, ca-ca-ca-curly!") and there is no one else I would rather be.

So while bloggers and reporters and everyone else with internet access is bashing the soon to be released Sex & the City 2, where the girls wind up in Abu Dhabi (an admittedly ridiculous location), I eagerly await it. For no other reason than I am a fan and these characters, who restore wonderful meaning to the term "Leading Ladies," still mean the world to me.

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  1. Although I am skeptical of this due mostly to their trip to Abu Dhabi, I love this post. There is no girl out there who has watched a single episode who can't argue with your explanation of it's influence on our generation.

    It is true... they taught us a lot... I have not experienced a relationship, a breakup, an argument, that doesn't send me rewinding through my S&TC memory bank for some insight - or lesson. They covered it all and even if those who hate to admit it, they were some pretty solid lessons.

    They truely are "leading ladies!"

    I think I also need to address this topic now... stay tuned (if I ever get back to my blog. ugh!)